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  • Dagger I

    Portable CNC cutting machine series --Dagger I
    Cantilever type portable CNC cutting machine

    Working with flame/plasma cutting modes.

    We are the first company to use anti-collision torch holder on portable series CNC cutting machines.
    To make our portable series CNC cutting machine have more ability to protect your plasma torches.
    RateTech Dagger I, portable cantilever type CNC cutting machine.
  • Main Technical Parameters of Dagger I

    Machine type Dagger I
    Input voltage 220V/110V, single phase, 50/60Hz
    Cutting thickness range Plasma: depend on plasma power sources
    Effective cutting range 1300*2500mm ≥ 4'*8'
    Other size is optional
    Position accuracy 0.2mm
    Repeatability 0.2mm
    Cutting modes Plasma or flame
    Cutting speed Plasma: 0-6000mm/min
    Flame: 0-600mm/min
    Cutting software IBE, FastCAM, MTC
    Torch height control system Plasma THC
    Plasma & flame THC (optional)
    Cutting material Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, nickel alloy, etc.
    Cutting table (optional) Dry cutting table, water cutting table
    Plasma power sources (optional) Hypertherm, Victor, Kjellberg, TopTech JCH series plasma power sources

  • Dagger I, portable cross CNC cutting machine catalog download link:
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    Dagger II portable CNC cutting machine catalog download link:
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