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    It is the first Chinese R&D CNC fiber laser gantry type cutting machine in the world.

    It has equip with super high technology parts,such as Beckhoff control system, IPG laser source, etc.

    Not only IPG(2KW-8KW) laser source can be installed on SUPERTEC, but also TRUMPF(2KW-6KW), NLIGHT(2KW-8KW).

    SUPERTEC had completed the market of more than 2KW fiber laser cutting machine in Chinese market.

    The max running speed can reach 58m/min, which thanks to high precision ALPHA transmission system on SUPERTEC.



  • Main Technical Parameters of TopTech Supertec
    Machine type Supertec
    Cutting materal mild steel,stainless steel;Aliminum;Copper
    Machine runing percision ±0.05mm in 2 m² area
    Max rapid speed 58M/min
    Max acceleration 0.5G
    Controller Beckhoff(LS)
    Effective cutting width(mm) 1800 2500 3000
    Effective cutting length(mm) 6000~16000(2000 step)
    Laser IPG (2Kw~8Kw); TRUMPF(2Kw~6Kw); Nlight(2Kw~8Kw)
    Plasma High Performance plasma power source

  • SuperTech catalog download link:

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    SuperTech catalog download link:

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