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  • Whitney lasers

    3g Laser

    Whitney's new 3g Line of fiber lasers provides the optimum combination of cutting speed, new technology and simplicity to increase the profit margin of manufacturer and contract shops alike. 

    • Polymer Granite Machine Base – provides optimum vibration damping and thermal stability
    • Carbon Fiber Gantry – Finite Element Analysis (FEA) design and space-age materials provide reduced weight which allows for increased speeds along with thermal stability
    • Cantilever Design – provides maximum access to the cutting table and machine for service
    • Compact design provides minimum footprint and easy transportation and installation
    • Siemens CNC Control
    • Linear Drives – X, Y and Z-axis' – no maintenance required
    • 7,500 IPM (190 meter / minute) maximum travel rate (each axis)
    • 3g acceleration / deceleration – X and Y axis'
    • 6g acceleration / deceleration – Z-axis'
    • Automatic Lubrication System – all linear bearings
    • Automatic Cutting Gas Control
    • Cutting Table – separate from machine base to prevent thermal transfer during cutting
    • Shuttle Table with Two (2) Pallets – 10 second exchange – Industry's Fastest!
    • Slag and Small Parts Removal Drawers
    • OPTIONAL: Slag and Small Parts Removal Conveyor
    • Dust Removal System (Dust Collector Optional)
    • Class 1 Enclosure
    • IPG Fiber Laser System up to 12kW
    • Fiber Laser Cutting Head, Manual Focus (Auto-Focus optional)

    6g Laser

    The Whitney 6g Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Tool is designed for high speed laser cutting. The polymer concrete base, carbon fiber bridge, and linear drive motors provide a highly stable platform that can handle up to 6g of acceleration and positioning speeds of up to 9,843 IPM (350 m/min). 12kW of fiber laser power and the Whitney Rapid-Pierce technology means fast and powerful cutting of up to 1" (25mm) plate. 

    • Linear drive motors for high speed positioning up to 350 m/min (9,843 IPM)
    • Positioning accuracy of ±0.001"
    • 1.5m x 3.0m, 2.0m x 4.0m, and 2.0m x 6.0m sizes available
    • IPG fiber laser cutting system up to 12kW
    • No resonator rebuild, beam path mirrors or purge system required
    • Polymer granite base and carbon fiber bridge construction
    • High speed pallet change system – less than 10 seconds


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