TopTech Laser Cutting Tips IV

TopTech Laser Cutting Tips IV

-- Laser Cutting Accuracy Influence Factor

To tell the quality of a fiber laser CNC cutting machine is to see its cutting accuracy good or not. And to make sure laser cutting accuracy, each part of fiber laser CNC cutting machine is very important. There are a lot of influence factors to make sure one fiber laser CNC cutting machines cutting quality. Now TopTech would like to share 4 usually influence factors on fiber laser cutting machines. Hope our information can help you choose and maintain your fiber laser CNC cutting machines.
TopTech Laser Cutting Tips IV

I. The shape of laser beam:

The shape of laser beam is a cone, so the cutting shape is a taper. With this situation, the kerf of 0.4mm thickness plate is much thinner than 3mm thickness plate. So the shape of laser beam is the most key point of laser cutting accuracy. With this cone shape laser beam, the thicker plate is, the lower cutting accuracy will be and the bigger kerf will be.


II. Kerf width:

When the cone shape laser beam focus together, the kerf will be thinner. So the fiber laser cutting accuracy will get better, esp. the kerf width will be thinner and thinner. At this situation, the min laser spot can reach 0.01mm. This is one of the factor influence on fiber laser cutting accuracy, too.


III. Machine body precision:

If the accuracy of fiber CNC cutting machines working table is uneven or other reason also can make fiber laser cutting quality not good.

Considering about this point is a big point, which influence on fiber laser cutting accuracy, TopTech Fiber II used heat treatment machine body to make sure every plate on machine is even. And the crossbeam is from a whole iron crossbeam, without any soldering parts on crossbeam.

Besides, TopTech Fiber II equip with German advanced Eckelmann EXC880 control system. It has inside laser head up & down control system. And with in Eckelmann control system it has IBE professional nesting software.

All these software and hardware of Fiber II is aim to make the fiber laser cutting accuracy as good as possible.


IV. Cutting material:

To cut different materials the cutting accuracy is different even with the same one fiber laser machine same one operator. Even though the material is the same kind of material, if their elements are different, the cutting accuracy is different.


In a conclusion, according to above 4 major points of influence factors on fiber laser cutting accuracy hope TopTech tips can help you understand fiber laser cutting accuracy more. And the maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine also can influence on fiber laser cutting accuracy. So when operator using fiber laser cutting machines, they need adjust the laser beam, the movement  way on working table. If you have special requires on fiber laser cutting, please feel free to contact TopTech. TopTech are willing to share the best cutting solution with you all.

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