TopTech Laser Cutting Tips II

TopTech Laser Cutting Tips II
-- YAG Laser CNC Cutting Machine


Laser cutting is a non-touching processing way to avoid machine pressure and have perfect working process on the surface. The super control system, Eckelmann EXC880, makes not only precision processing, but also sharp angle, small hole, and more complicated geometric figure cutting which cant be done by traditional cutting die process. With advanced IBE nesting system inside Eckelmann EXC880 which adopt on TopTech laser cutting machines, it totally reduce human cost and material lost.

After more than 20 years development of laser technology updating and working process all over the world, laser cutting technology and laser cutting machines had been accepted and familiar with vast plates processors about high effective, high precision, perfect cutting finish of laser cutting process.

According to different types of laser sources, right now there are 3 main types of laser cutting machines: CO2 laser cutting machine, YAG laser cutting machine (also called solid laser cutting machine), and fiber laser cutting machine.

TopTech would like to share the differences, advantages of these 3 types laser cutting methods.


II YAG laser cutting machine

TopTech Laser Cutting Tips II 

YAG fiber laser cutting machine has low price, stable characteristics, but its energy efficiency is very low, normally less than 3%. Now YAG laser cutting machine max out put power is less than 8000W. Due to output power is small, YAG laser cutting machine usually be used on cutting thin plates holes. Its green laser light can be used with pules or continuous wave (CW). With short wave and good light focusing ability, YAG laser cutting machine especially used for precision process. And with pules it is most effective on spots cutting. And it also can be used on cutting, welding and marking functions.

YAG laser cutting machines wave length is not long, so it cant be absorbed by non-metal materials. That is to say it cant cut non-metal materials.


ADVANTAGES of YAG laser cutting machine:

YAG laser cutting machine can cut Aluminium plats and Copper plates and other color metal materials which other types laser cutting machine cant cut. And the machine purchasing price is best, operation cost is low, maintenance is easy. As well as it has less limits on operators.


ATTENTIONAL on YAG laer cutting machine:

It only can cut less than 8mm materials, and the cutting effective is very low. YAG laser cutting machines pulse is like Xenon lamp, which usually max can be used 20 days. That is to say every 20 days, it need to be exchanged. Undoubtedly it is a huge expense. The lights mirrors are reflector, enlarge beam optic, protection optic, which are all important consumable parts of YAG laser cutting machine. If the machine maintenance well, these optics can be sued as long as 3 months, but to maintenance YAG laser cutting machine well is very difficult.

Within 8mm thickness cutting requires, YAG laser cutting machine would be suitable for color metal cutting, which can be used on household appliances, kitchen ware, decoration, advertisement manufacturing process.

YAG laser cutting machine will take over line cutting machine, punching machine, water cutting machine in the market.

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