FAQ-- Flame cutting issues


FAQ-- Flame cutting issues

--flame cutting experience and technique

During processing, flame CNC cutting machines had been applied widely. Now TopTech would like to share TopTech 10 years flame CNC cutting machines experience and technique, which collected by our R&D and our 10 years adjustment at more than 50 customers places.

FAQ-- Flame cutting issues


Cutting quality issue description

Improving flame CNC cutting machines O2 & C2H2 quality to get high cutting quality is the basic protection of flame cutting quality. When use 99% O2 and C2H2 bottle producer to do flame CNC cutting process, the cutting surface quality is very low and usually it has rough surface, fusion on the upper side and a lot of drows and cutting is not continually.

When customers using TopTech flame CNC cutting machine, due to the thermal deformation had influenced on cutting materials during flame cutting, it usually had a deep trace on cutting parts ends. This track is fracture surface.

Improving cutting quality measure

For thicker than 30mm plates, TopTech gantry flame CNC cutting machines cutting speed is set as 20%-60% of standard speed. If TopTech gantry flame CNC cutting machines using purity reach 99% of liquid O2 to cut, due to working air pressure stable, the cutting surface can be much more improved, less drows, and the cutting speed can be improved too.

If using C2H2 bottled supply gas, due to the purity high and pressure stable, it will not have pause cutting issue.

It is a big issue on cutting performance, if the cutting plates surface has rusts, dusts and nozzle flow is blocked. So the plates should be covered to avoid water, and clean them before cutting. Also need use the nozzle correctly and clean it often.

For 6mm-30mm thickness plates, the cutting speed of TopTech gantry CNC cutting machine can be set 60%-90% of standard speed. To improve the cutting finish quality, increasing O2 pressure from 0.1MPa to 0.3MPa when cut thick plates, it can make sure the vertical of cutting finish side and let the cutting process smoothly.


Cutting shape changing issue description

Generally speaking, TopTech gantry CNC flame cutting machine to cut same thickness plates, the big cutting parts shape changing issue is better than the small cutting parts. The less of length:width of the cutting part has better cutting shape than more of length:width of the cutting part. And the center cutting shape has less changing than the one at the plates edges.

Reduce cutting shape changing issue measure

The worst cutting shape changing issue will lead the parts size cant be accepted and influence on the next welding process, or even worse to waste the whole plate. So to reduce cutting shape changing issue and improve cutting parts dimensional accuracy, TopTech would like to share the following measure.

During program, please choose reasonable cutting order, cutting direction and cutting starting point. During nesting lots cutting parts, please follow the principle: cut small parts first, then the big parts, and pierce first then cut the outline.

According to the cutting parts outline and plate position, analysis potential cutting shape changing tendency to fix the reasonable start spot and cutting distance.That is to say, during TopTech gantry CNC cutting machine operation, try the best to make sure the last cutting part connect with the stable plates.

For some big length: width parts, when program them, need consider not only the cutting order to control the shape changing issue, but also using gap cutting method. That is to say, when cut the part, let 2 spots or more sports on one part edge to let them connected, not be cut off. These spots can connect the part with the cutting plate as one. After other parts had been cut, then cut these spots. This cutting method can reduce cutting parts on length way shape changing issue.


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