TopTech Exclusive Secret Tips II

TopTech Exclusive Secret Tips
--How to improve CNC cutting effective?(II)TopTech Exclusive Secret Tips II

Nesting software and CNC control system are the main parts for improving CNC cutting effective.

Core technology and method:

Firstly, full time cutting.
Using FastCAM optimized nesting software on PC to nesting full plates and rest plates, it can realize CNC cutting machines full time cutting and it can change the usual nesting way on CNC cutting machines. (It will take 50% timing for cutting machine waiting CNC nesting process.) With nesting software, it can improve CNC cutting machines production efficiency, which can make one cutting machines production efficiency as two.


Secondly, auto cutting.
Using FastCNC system supplies auto cutting technology can realize auto pierce and auto cutting, which instead of manual cutting and improve high effective cutting.


Thirdly, high-efficiency cutting.
Using FastCAM optimized nesting software and FastCNC control systems co-edge cutting, continually cutting, borrow edge cutting, bridge connection cutting, etc. can improve cutting technology and nesting method, which can also reduce more than 70% the pre-heat piercing time and improve effective cutting more than 30%.


Fourthly, high quality cutting.
Using FastCAM optimized nesting software and FastCNC control system supplied optimized and pre-treatment technology to optimize DXF/DWG drawings and CNC cutting program, clarity redundant parts, and to avoid mess running and repeat cutting. It can also compress fitting cutting program to make sure CNC cutting machines running with high cutting speed and stable.

FastCAM optimized nesting software is deliveried with any one TopTech CNC cutting machine!

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