TopTech Exclusive Secret Tips

TopTech Exclusive Secret Tips
--How to improve CNC cutting effective? (I)

TopTech Exclusive Secret Tips

The main difference among CNC cutting, manual cutting and shape cutting is the cutting speed, accuracy, which CNC cutting is the best than the other two. But there was an issue that some customers had purchased CNC cutting machines, and the working effective wasn't improved. The mainly reason is that they don't know much knowledge about CNC cutting machine and can't use them with high proficiency. For this kind of situation, we'd like to share TopTech exclusive secret tips as following.

I.CNC controller is not stable will lead slow cutting.

The heating of CPU and hard ware in CNC control system leads the system unstable and can't run stable. The damage of fan, shaking of hardware or virus influence lead procession stop. And also it maybe the bug of CNC cutting system software, which shows error or cutting error. It also will delay cutting process and then influence on cutting quality issue.

II. No using nesting software leads cutting materials low-usage.

No using nesting software, and using manually nesting on CNC controller system for the parts to do the parts cutting, this is wasting of time and materials. So please using nesting software, which comes with TopTech CNC cutting machines together. And the more details of this point secrets tips will share on the second part of this article.

III. No Auto cutting technology and cutting parameters database in CNC system.

Operators adjust CNC cutting machines parameters only with eyes and experience, which can't make auto piercing and auto cutting. This makes cutting machines with low effective.

IV. Using unsuitable cutting way.

During cutting, the cutting way is too simple, e.g. cutting every parts need pierce every time and need cut the full parts. No co-edge, borrow edge, bridge connection, etc. high effective cutting ways, lead cutting low effective and cutting consumables (esp. plasma torches' consumables) waste a lot!

Hope if customers noticed the above points, it can improve CNC cutting machines more effectively and save more cutting materials.

Otherwise, for the nesting software, which had been mentioned on the second point, we'd like to supply more detail introduction.

With the same of CNC cutting machine body, manufacturing level, key parts, the effective and quality of CNC cutting machine depend on nesting software and CNC control system. Properly speaking, with the same CNC cutting machine body structure, manufacturing level, key parts, the CNC cutting machine quality depends on CNC control system and optimized nesting software.

The new technical development of CNC cutting is realizing CNC cutting machines full time cutting, automatic cutting, high effective cutting, high quality cutting and high nesting effective cutting. And the core technology and guiding thought is that with same CNC cutting machine structure, key parts, and manufacture level, the software technology, such as optimized nesting software and CNC cutting control software, and auto pierce and auto cutting technology, can improve CNC cutting machines effective and realize CNC cutting machines full time cutting, automatic cutting, high effective and high quality cutting, and high effective nesting cutting!

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