FAQ--Flame cutting adjustment

TopTech FAQ Flame Cutting Adjustment

How to release the flame CNC cutting machines Max power -- Flame adjustment

Before using flame CNC cutting machines, operators should consider about flame cutting thickness, cutting materials, and gas parameters together to make sure the cutting quality. TopTech flame cutting machines hope this adjustment can help all the TopTech flame CNC cutting machines customers. And we also warmly welcome to hear our customers feedback about our products to improve our flame cutting machines better for more customers.

The cutting performance for the flame CNC cutting machine is depends on the equipment accuracy, the operators adjustment, and also depend on the cutting gas type. For example, purchase same type TopTech flame cutting machines and cut the same material, same thickness, same drawing, but the results are different, that is because the operator adjusted the gas technical parameters are different. In order to make sure TopTech flame CNC cutting machines can have the best performance, hereby wed like to share our more than 10 years fame adjustment experience with you.

As we all knew that, there are a lot of factors can influence on flame cutting quality, esp. during pre-heating, flame temperature, torch length factors are very important. These above important factors are called flame adjustment. Then we will talk about the technical of these parameter adjustment for your reference.
FAQ--Flame cutting adjustment


Before we adjust the flame technical parameters, we need to know the 3 different types of flame due to different gas ratio. Usually, during flame cutting mode, to adjust O2 and HCCH ratio can get 3 types cutting flame: neutral flame (normal flame), oxidized flame, reduced flame.

Normal flame characteristic is that its reduction zone has no free O2 and active carbon, and it has 3 clean zones. The flame core has clean outline, which closes to cylindrical. The elements of flame core is O2 and HCCH, and the end is even round and shining shield. The shield is made from glowing carbon particles. The temperature of flame core is 1000℃.

The reduction zone is out side the flame core and its brightness is less than the flame core. The incomplete burning HCCH products -- CO and H made for reduction zone. This zone temperature can reach about 3000℃. The outer flame is the complete burned zone, which is outside the reduction zone, and made from CO2, H2O↑ and Nitrogen. This zones temperature range is changing from 1200-2500℃.

Now we mentioned about the neutral flame is normal cutting situation, during the actual operation, it is the final adjustment. But actually it is usually oxidized flame or reduced flame. What is the characteristic of oxidized flame and reduced flame and what is the main issue of oxidized flame and reduced flame?

Oxidized flame is at the situation of O2 overmuch, the flame core is conical and the flame length is not as long as neutral flame, and the outline is not clean, brightness is less than neutral flame. As well as, oxidized flames reduction zone and outline flame is short and the flame is purple blue with burning sound. And the burning sound is influenced by O2 pressure. The temperature of oxidized flame is higher than the neutral flame. If cutting with oxidized flame, the cutting quality is obvious not good.

Reduced flame is at the situation of HCCH overmuch, the flame core is no obvious outline, and at the end of flame core the color is green. According to the green out line, we can tell that the HCCH is overmuch. Its reduction zone is abnormally bright, almost combined with flame core, and the color is yellow. When the HCCH is too much, it has black smoking, because during burning the O2 is much less than HCCHs need.

The power of pre-heat flame influence on cutting speed, cutting quality tightly. With the increasing of plates thickness and cutting speed, the power of flame need to be increased but not too strong, esp. on cutting thick plates. The reaction of metal burning had been increased, it strengthened the front parts pre-heat power. At this time, over power re-head flame will lead the cutting edge over burned.

Generally speaking, if cut less than 200mm plates, use neutral flame can get good cutting quality; if cut thicker plates, use reduced flame to be the pre-heat cutting, cause the reduced flame is very long, which must protect the flame length is at least 1.2 times of plates thickness.

In conclusion, if have any questions during using TopTech flame CNC cutting machines, we need check the flame cutting machine during operation. To check the cutting performance during the operation, we can tell how to adjust the flame parameters as above mentioned. To cut different types of steel, has different parameters setting, it need experience and strengthen study and research to get more knowledge of TopTech flame CNC cutting.


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